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Sexy, Sensual, Salacious

Checkin out my ass
In these bodacious jeans
Starin as you pass
I do the shoulder lean

Peekin at my body
Spicy young and sweet
Feelin to get naughty
Like it hot like me

I know you know I got it
I know you want it
You can't explain it
So Just let it happen

I'm ready for you
Are you ready for me
Whatcha gonna do
Sexy Sensual Salacious

I'm game how bout you
I'll be you're fantasy
Let's play peek-a-boo
Sexy sensual salacious

Taste these luscious lips
You deserve a treat
Touch my curvaceous hips
My Goodies My goodies

You drool when I shake it
Don't know how to act
You say I'm too sexy
That's right, I'm bringin sexy back


Hellacious, bodacious
I got what you want
Erotic, Exotic
I won't pull back my taunt

oh hunny, your funny
you can't make it stop
stop runnin' I'm comin'
Drop it like it's hot
Lyric Credits: Nicole Garza & Chris G
Music Credits: Nicole Garza &Chris G
Producer Credits: Nicole Garza, Chris G & Rick Barnes
Performance Credits: OH GEEZ
Song Length: 4:01
Primary Genre: R & B-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: World-Middle Eastern
Tempo / Feel: Fast (151 - 170)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Era: 2000 and later