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Leading my life
Through the dark
Trying to find my place
To make my mark
Finding myself lost
Feelin' down and out.
Though I have no idea
Where my life is takin' me now
Trust what i believe in
And I'll make is somehow

Because I'm unstoppable
noone can take that away, I am here to stay
I am unstoppable
No matter what tomorrow brings I can do anything
Nothings impossible
When I fall I get up stronger
determined to make it all possible
cause I've

Got so much desire
But where do I start
Wondering if I should follow
My head or my heart
Noone else can feel, oh
The tears in my eyes
But they have no idea
Where my love is taking me now
Trust what I believe in
And I'll make is somehow


The chance to succeed doesn't come with a guarentee, no!
Sometimes the hardest thing is to trust and believe, oh!
And when the struggle gets to be too much for me,
I realize there is no place, nowhere else I'd rather be

CHORUS to the end
Short Song Description:
Midwest Song Contest Hip/Hop and R&B 4th Place Title, Topping Broadjam Top Ten Charts in Indiana, Midwest, Earth, Female Vocal, Fan Picks, Pop, and R&B
Lyric Credits: Nicki G
Music Credits: Chris G
Producer Credits: Chris G and Nicki G
Performance Credits: Nicki G
Song Length: 3:59
Primary Genre: R & B-Soul
Secondary Genre: R & B-General
Tempo / Feel: Non 4/4
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Determination
Subject Matter 2: Dreams
Mood 1: Cool
Mood 2: In High Spirits
Similar Artist 1: Whitney Houston
Similar Artist 2: Toni Braxton
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later