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Sealed With A Kiss
Sealed With a Kiss

Remember that day at the county fair?
I thought that we?d make a perfect pair.
But you were with her and we were nowhere,
But deep inside I hoped that you cared.
Remember the day when I ran away?
You told me everything?s okay.
I said, ?Thanks I couldn?t ask for more!?
You said, ?Hey, that?s what friends are for.?

You were gone so fast,
But our love will last.
Our future looks as bright as the past.

You know wherever you go,
You know you?re never alone.
I?m sending you my love,
Sealed with a kiss.
For all the love you give me,
You know I?m never leaving.
I?m sending you my love,
Sealed with a kiss.

Remember that day at the Homecoming Dance?
Somehow you put me in a trance.
From then on out it was pure romance.
I?m so glad we gave each other the chance.
Remember the day we had to say goodbye?
All we could honestly do is cry.
It?s hard to watch your soul mate walk away.
But then I remembered when you said everything is okay.



So many memories,
But we still have dreams to dream,
And it?s time to stay strong.
?Cause you know I?ll never leave,
Through the distance I?ll be with you,
?Cause you?re taking all of my love with you.

CHORUS to end

Short Song Description:
Topping Broadjam Top Ten Charts in Indiana, Midwest, Earth, Female Vocal, Fan Picks, Pop, and R&B
Lyric Credits: Nicki G
Music Credits: Chris G
Producer Credits: Chris G
Performance Credits: Nicki G
Song Length: 3:45
Primary Genre: Pop-Standards
Secondary Genre: R & B-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Mood 1: Congenial
Mood 2: Amiable
Similar Artist 1: Stevie Wonder
Similar Artist 2: Mariah Carey
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later