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I Ain't Gonna Hurt You
I Ain?t Gonna Hurt You

Sittin? home all alone by the phone and it?s just another Friday night.
You?re thinkin? that when your girl comes back that everything will be all right.
Dinner by candlelight no matter how nice always turns into a fight.
So don?t forget all the things she said and no apology don?t make it right.

You dim the lights,
You turn the music on,
You light the fire,
But she ain?t comin? home.
Repeat 2x

So come on out and take a ride with me ?cause I ain?t gonna hurt you.
Let?s dance the night away ?cause then you?ll see that I ain?t gonna hurt you.
We all have times of trouble so this is what we do,
Let?s put your fears away and play
?Cause I ain?t gonna, I ain?t gonna hurt you.

All dressed up but you go nowhere now what?s the sense in all of that?
And even though you thought she cared no prayer you can make will bring her back..
Everyday it?s just the same ol? same you?re ridin? out that 9 to 5,
And when you?re home all alone again you?re doin? what you can to keep hope alive.

You say a prayer,
Call and hang up the phone,
But she ain?t there,
And she ain?t comin? home.
Repeat 2x

I?m never ever gonna hurt you
Repeat 4x

Repeat CHORUS to end

Fade out
Short Song Description:
Topping Broadjam Top Ten Charts in Indiana, Midwest, Earth, Female Vocal, Fan Picks, Pop, and R&B
Lyric Credits: Nicki G
Music Credits: Chris G
Producer Credits: Chris G
Performance Credits: Nicki G
Song Length: 3:23
Primary Genre: R & B-General
Secondary Genre: Pop-General
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Dysfunctional Relations
Subject Matter 2: Heartbreak
Mood 1: Gracious
Mood 2: Disturbed
Similar Artist 1: Janet Jackson
Similar Artist 2: Usher
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later